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Leaking chimney?

You may need to call a roofer

Finding water trickling down the chimney breast in your home may cause you to panic. Could it be a sign of major structural damage, meaning potentially costly repairs?

Fortunately, in the majority of cases, a leaking chimney is simply down to problems with the flashing. And it's an issue that can be effectively remedied by calling on the services of a good local roofer.

What is chimney flashing?

The flashing is a layer of material, usually metal, that surrounds the chimney breast at the point where it meets the roof. It's needed to provide a watertight seal to prevent rainwater and debris from getting into your home.

What causes the chimney flashing to leak?

There are lots of reasons why your flashing may be leaking. If your property is quite old, the materials used to secure the flashing in place may have perished over time, leaving a gap for water to get in. Bad weather, such as strong winds or storms, can also cause damage to the flashing.

How can I tell if the flashing is the reason my chimney is leaking?

If you can get up into your loft space when it's raining, you may be able to get a better idea of where the leak is coming from. If the water seems to be seeping in around the sides of the chimney, the chances are it's the flashing that's the cause. But if you want to know for certain, the best thing to do is call an experienced roofing company who can get up on to the roof and take a closer look.

If you suspect that you may have any problems with your chimney, or need any other roof repairs, Glasgow company MNF Roofing is a good place to start making enquiries.

We offer all our customers a free survey, with photos, so you can see exactly what work needs doing. And because we work closely with sister company, MNF Scaffolding, you're guaranteed that all work is carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

All the materials we use come with a 10-year warranty, so you'll also have peace of mind that your chimney will remain watertight for years to come.

Contact MNF Roofing today on 0141 374 2696 or enquire online at https://www.mnfscaffolding.co.uk/roofing

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